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From the Farm to Your Table

The idea of ​​"ALLbiBOX" stems from wanting to create large-scale, a typical dish of Italian cuisine, bringing to the fore with the street-food concept; make it accessible to everyone a dish strictly "housewife", combining tradition with a touch of originality. From farm to fork, the entire route is based on a careful and accurate selection of raw materials: at km 0, organic, organic and eco-friendly are the key points around which the ALLbiONE concept takes shape. The attention to detail and to eat well and healthily is our "ball", savor the tradition and the desire to experiment and share, it is our leitmotive: We polpettiamo us .... and you?

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Our philosophy of work is careful and aware of the world we live in, we try to make the best of materials we choose. We respect where possible, the natural rhythms of the seasons, taking care to choose with biodinamicità criteria and direct knowledge of the production processes.

​Why Buy Locally?

Choose local products means reducing our environmental load. Choose local products means reducing pollution, energy consumption and traffic for the transport of goods.

Environmentally Sustainable

Products and services are environmentally sustainable products that make more efficient use of energy, which optimize the resources used, which are sensitive to raw materials and reduce waste to lose, that meet strict environmental criteria, which introduce innovations valid from an environmental point of view and that reduce the impact on the environment.

Ethics breeding

It means growing animals while respecting their ethological habits, avoiding unnecessary suffering. Animals are bred ensuring their natural life cycles: more space outdoors, power according to their needs, even the time of slaughter is carried out so as to minimize the level of stress conditions, to ensure maximum well-being of 'animal.


NeW Opening 


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We are close even if it distant 



What makes it organic?

Both during production and during all stages of processing, are used exclusively natural or mineral substances: those are excluded fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, medicinal products and synthetic chemical preservatives. Organic farming excludes the use of genetically modified organisms.